Ron and Mike pose together with their art collection

Ron and Mike's Story

Ron, the vice president of an import company, and Mike, a local realtor, act as caregivers to a beautiful vision.

Situated on 2-acres, their home was originally owned by John Clise, one of Seattle's patriarchs. Custom-built on 15 acres in 1965, the architecture reflects the classic lines of the era. After passing away, the property fell into disrepair and was neglected.

Then Ron spied it and immediately fell in love. Even though the house was 2 weeks from being torn down, the floor-to-ceiling windows had been boarded up, and the exterior was painted 'medicinal pink', Ron could see its beauty. This place would become something special.

Ron and Mike began reclaiming the gardens and the house, turning them both into homes where art and creativity would live and thrive. They do all the yardwork themselves, and as Ron says, "It's a great stress reliever. A few minutes in the garden, and you find peace." The garden is full of hidden treasures, secret sitting areas, shade gardens, a koi pond, and water features. Inspirations from his travels throughout Asia are seen in the garden and art collections inside the home.

The private art collection on display is inviting as well as compelling. Picasso, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol to name a few. Surrounded by natural light and the warm hospitality of both Ron and Mike, you feel at home and inspired to ask questions. And Ron is ready to tell the story behind each piece, making the experience even more enjoyable. "Art is meant to be enjoyed, and we are blessed to be the stewards of all of this," he says.

The personal creativity of both Ron and Mike is further showcased in their eclectic studio where they have on display some of the most unusual trinkets and other finds. Amongst all of this inspiration is where they create art pieces that are thoughtfully designed to be functional pieces that you can use every day. Each of their pieces has a purpose, and they have definitely found their purpose in the stewardship of the place they call home.

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